MS2 Stream Deck Plugin

Control your SCS games using our Elgato Stream Deck plugin!


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Icon Action name Action Description
Lights: Blinker indicators
Displays status of truck indicators: Left, Right and Hazzards - Both On and Off states are shown for all 3 blinker types.
Lights: Main Lights switch
Displays status of truck main lights. It supports three states: Off, Corner Lights On, Main Lights On;
Lights: High/Low beam
Displays status of truck main light beam. Supports two states: Low beam, High beam;
Lights: Beacon
Shows the status of truck warning beacons. Supports On and Off states.
Static image button that can be configured to display Left and Right doors and Up and Down arrows for both sides.
Parking brake
Displays status of the parking brake. Can be On and Off.
Lift axle
Shows status of lift axles. Supports Truck and Trailer axles and can show On and Off states for both.
Shows status of the trailer hitch. Supports On and Off states.
Engine switch status. Supports following states: Engine Off, Electricity On, Engine On;
Fuel indicator
Displays either the fuel level, the average consumption or the available range.
Trip info
Displays either the distance to destination, or estimated time of arrival.
Retarder controls
Displays either the retarder Plus/Minus controls, or the retarder status indicator.
Rest indicator
Displays the time left until the next required rest.
Speed limit display
Displays the current speed limit. Styled according to the game you're playing.


Also available for mobile devices!


Download Version 2.1 

Development of this Stream Deck plugin is sponsored by our Patrons! Click here to visit our Patreon page!

Size ~ 30MB

MS2 Stream Deck Plugin via.

MS2 Stream Deck Plugin via.



Step 1:

Extract the downloaded zip file into an folder on your hard drive. This is the list of contents that you should end up with:

Step 2:

Locate where the ATS and/or ETS2 is installed on your hard drive. On the following image you can see an example where American Truck Simulator is installed on my hard drive (in my Steam library folder):

Copy the plugins folder that we provided with our Stream Deck Plugin and paste it into your game's bin/win_x64 folder. You can see on the above image how it should look after you copied it over. Although the image shows ATS, the exact same works for ETS2.

Step 3:

Install our plugin by double-clicking on the studio.mods.streamdeck.ms2.b.streamDeckPlugin file. Your stream deck software will install the plugin; Allow it a minute or two to finish the installation.

Step 4 (optional):

Install our profile (pictured on top image) by double clicking the Truck Simulators.streamDeckProfile file. Your stream deck software will install the profile; Please note - this profile is intended to be used with the 15-button model.

Step 5:

Check all the action buttons and assign the keyboard keys that you use in-game.

Do not add any button images to the actions - they are controlled automatically by our plugin.



Join our Discord Server to get support or to let us know what you think about our Stream Deck Plugin - we have a dedicated channel: #ms2streamdeck



The plugin was created by Mods Studio 2 team based in part on works by FritzAndFriendsRenCloudnlhansBarRaider and SCS Software.