MS2 Stream Deck Plugin v4.0

MS2 Stream Deck Plugin v4.0

Control your SCS games using our Elgato Stream Deck plugin!
All buttons are interactive and synchronized in real-time with your American Truck Simulator or Euro Truck Simulator 2 game state!

Development of this Stream Deck plugin is sponsored by our Patrons! Click here to visit our Patreon page!


Firstly, please check the Stream Deck F.A.Q. page to see if you can find a fix there. If not, consider joining our Discord Server to get support or to let us know what you think about our Stream Deck Plugin - we have a dedicated channel: #ms2-streamdeck



Also available for mobile devices!



The plugin was created by Mods Studio 2 team based in part on works by Elgato, FritzAndFriendsRenCloudnlhansBarRaider and SCS Software.