Traffic truck skin mod

Mods Studio 2 version: 2020.07 or newer

Written on: August 9th, 2020


Traffic truck skins are one of the most anticipated features of Mods Studio 2. This feature enables you in a way to see your company trucks in traffic. This is a complementary feature to the Traffic trailer skins, and we'll also show you how to match a your truck to a specific truck. This feature is still in development, so expect updates in MS2. If I forget to update this page, please remind me on

Read the first part of the traffic trailer skin tutorial if you need help starting a new project and adding a new mod template to your project.

Creating a truck traffic mod

First step, as always when making skin mods, is to create the skin image. To help, we've included the image templates for all the trucks that are supported. Select the "Traffic truck skin" mod template in the list on the left, and than click the "Template directory" button in the main toolbar. (Marked red) This will open our mod template directory where you can find the image templates that you need to create the skin image.

In the main window, select the truck you're making the skin for, and enter the internal name in the Basic tab.

Internal name: Can be anything as long as it's less than 12 characters and you only use lowercase letters and numbers. More details about internal names can be found if you click here.


You can add up to 10 images to each traffic truck you make. They get randomly selected and applied to traffic trucks.

Matching your truck to a trailer

This is a Pro feature. *This feature will get upgraded in the next version(s) to match trailers automatically!

At the moment, this is an advanced procedure that requires you to open and edit completed mod files (*.scs)
You will need software that can extract/pack ZIP archives. I use WinRar since I can edit files in the archive without re-packing it. (Files get updated in the archive I'm editing)

Step 1:

Add a trailer skin template to your mod. Follow the instructions here!

Step 2:

Export your traffic truck/trailer mod

Step 3:

Open your extracted mod file using WinRar (or similar software). Exported mod files (*.scs files) are in fact just ZIP archives, and most file extracting software can open it. Once you open the file, navigate to def\vehicle\trailer and open the *.sii file in there.

In the first line, copy the whole trailer internal name (the part after the colon), for example: traffic.trailer.scs_box.curtain.ms2_test909

Inside your mod archive, navigate to def\vehicle\ai and open your traffic truck definition file.

Paste the full trailer name into the trailer_chains field, so the line looks like this:
trailer_chains[]: "traffic.trailer.scs_box.curtain.ms2_test909"

Your trailer will now be matched to your truck!

Step 4 (optional):

If you do not want your trailer to appear with other trucks, and be matched only to the truck from your mod, go back to the trailer definition file in def\vehicle\trailer and edit the *sii file there:

Delete the line that sets the trailer spawn ratio; It's the line starting with spawn_ratio. Do not set the value to 0, as that would completely prevent the trailer from showing up, including when it's connected to your traffic truck.

Make sure your files were saved and archive updated with your edited files.

That's it! If you did everything correctly, your traffic truck/trailer combo should show up in game.